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Updated: May 22, 2019

Mildred & Co was born after many meanderings exploring the great Australian landscape. Our flat dusty plains, our wide blue oceans, forests as tall as the eye could see. Meeting folk in many towns and cities. Adventures abundant. With a love of nature, people and animals. Science, music, art and literacy. All things to quench the soul and give you the warm fuzzies. Mildred sees things as they are in her upside down world. Trying to make amends with the planet as ravaged as it is. Wanting to spread the word to be kind and take care. To live with ethical consciousness. Be reminded that we may be large but yet we are small. We are all connected in ways that are unseen. Tiny threads holding it all together. Beautiful patterns. Line. A continual line of hope. We need to honour our trees and earth bound lovelies and we hope that you all join us to honour also. Educate our Little Folk.

Think sustainable. Be sustainable.

In all that you do.

Slow living reminds us to get your hands dirty and connect to the earth. Grow fruit, vegetables and shrubs, share with your neighbours, family and friends. Nurture your inner and outer. Remember to laugh, have fun and share joy. Connectivity. Take some time out and ponder over life's nuances in the everyday.

Walk more. Explore more. Know more. Give more.

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