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The Juggler

Most days are full not with one thing but a steady stream of many things. Our lives are so full always 10 steps forward and then few steps back, but it's those little steps backwards that really keep us forging forward. Making us even more determined to achieve what we set out to do. A little lesson from each back step and we regain confidence and growth to develop an even clearer mindset of our future goals. All of us with many hats to wear, some more than others. Each of us faced with more than one challenge and bursting forth sometimes with bells and whistles, all jets screaming wanting all to hear that yes another notch on the belt of accomplishment is to be honoured. Then other times the fall is fast and quick, emotional. All the while still juggling all the other incredible things that we forget to pat ourselves on the back for. So reach out to a friend today and make sure to let them know that you have their back and you are well versed at being The Juggler of all.